bullet gif [2008 Sep] A very obliging butterfly, early in the morning - it flew away when I tried placing a few flowers for some background, but these pictures came out very well. I didn't have to process them at all!

bullet gif [2008 Sep] Trying out my hand at night photography. Doesn't this bus seem to be going really fast?

bullet gif [2008 Sep] Construction on the new ICC towers in Pune. I wonder what the view is like from up there...

bullet gif [2008 Sep] Sorry for the lousy thumbnail. This is a cheesy panoramic view of Model Colony, as seen from the top of the ICC building.

bullet gif [2008 Sep] Its going to be interesting to see this grow. I'll be updating pics as it does.

bullet gif [2008 Jul] Three views of the Kutub-Minar, and one of the attendant ruins....

bullet gif [2008 Jun] Snappy to dreamy. This will likely be interesting to you only if you're interested in photography.

bullet gif [2008 Jun] Scenes from Purandar Fort. This is magical in the monsoon, and some of the settings reminded me of images from LOTR.

bullet gif [2008 Jun] Hey! Who you looking at??

bullet gif [2008 Jun] Magical monsoon roads...

bullet gif [2008 Apr] This picture by itself was pretty good, but Picasa made it better. I had to lie down flat to get it, which lead to some strange glances thrown my way (which is not an unusual occurrence anyway!). This is such a small flower, that I don't think it even gets noticed -- which is a pity, seeing how beautiful it is.

bullet gif [2007 Dec] Sleepy winter afternoons....

bullet gif [2007 May] Sleepy summer afternoons....

bullet gif [2007 May] I guess this is one of those things you're likely to see "only in India."

bullet gif [2006 Dec] A nice view of the Capitol with an (almost) new moon.

bullet gif [2004 Summer] A few pretty white 1, 2, 3 and blue 1, 2, 3, 4 flowers. ain't macro mode great?

bullet gif [2004 Summer] ....mmmm fish ....mmmm bird. (spoken a la Homer Simpson)

bullet gif[2002 Feb] A nice picture of Minneapolis downtown, with an (almost) full moon at sunrise.

bullet gif [2002 Mar] One of the few million squirrels that hang out on campus. This guy was pretty hungry too, he let me get pretty close

bullet gif [2002 Mar] A big fat robin on the way to school. I got it at a better angle here, and used gimp to blur the background a bit. I think the result looks much better.

bullet gif [2002 Apr] I chanced upon these kids taking advantage of the weather, the weekend and the low traffic areas of the U to practice their skateboarding stunts. These aren't great pics, but they are the first ones where I successfully used the manual mode to adjust the shutter speed - the pictures were heavily blurred in auto mode. I still need to figure out the correct settings for light conditions - there was quite a bit of variation when I was taking these pictures, between bright sunshine and heavy clouds. 1, 2, 3

bullet gif [2002 Apr] Finally spring seems to be here! And ofcourse, some flowers to try out the macro mode. 1, 2, 3, same, but focussing on the leaf, 4, 5

bullet gif [2002 Summer] Overexposing a picture can lead to interesting results, and capturing a full moon at dusk can be quite difficult!

bullet gif [2002 Fall] Canoeing in late fall seems silly, but can lead to a few magical moments... and while hiking after all the fall colors are gone may seem siller still, some scenes (and blurred to give it an impressionist feel) make it worthwhile.

bullet gif [2002 Winter] One of the few snowstorms this winter was a whopper....

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